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Unlimited graphic, web, and identity designs with
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A brand design subscription plan offers small business owners and smaller team organizers a comprehensive and flexible design solution that surpasses the limitations of hiring freelancers, employees, or branding agencies.

These plans provide predictable monthly costs, unlimited design requests and revisions, quick turnaround times, and a wide range of services from graphic and web design to brand strategy and development.

If that weren't enough, all plans include technical support for custom email and domains, unlimited custom AI images, Google listing support and maintenance, image vectorizations, and file ownership.

With support for multiple brands and unlimited users, BisonSatellite design subscriptions ensure high-quality, cohesive branding and design without the high costs, inconsistent quality, and administrative burdens that come with other hiring options.

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How It Works

and who it's for...
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Subscribe to a plan and make a request.

Submit As many
as you'd like
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Receive your design within days.

2 to 3 Business Days
for most requests
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Revise your design until you love it.

Receive designs and
Repeat as needed

Imagine having a dedicated graphic, web, and brand creative
without hiring an employee or expensive agency.

No contracts. Flat monthly fee. Cancel anytime.
No contracts. Flat monthly fee.
Cancel anytime.

Collaboration and Creativity

Branding subscriptions from BisonSatellite are the smaller team’s answer to visual growth and identity. Save time, energy, and money by bypassing big agencies, employees you can’t afford, or unreliable freelancers in exchange for simplicity.

With a single subscription you can take control of your organization’s visual identity, web presence, and brand voice with creative ideas, professional designs, and no technical knowledge required.

Confidently focus on your business while your designs are delivered quickly, easily, and always to your standards.

Client photo: Katie Zarlengo, Remberto Rivera, Doris Yuan & Ken Wan
Children supporting
& comedy Event hosting
nonprofit Boards
Katie Zarlengo
Zarlengo Foundation
Latino owned
& locally inspired
Small Businesses
Remberto Rivera
Sunnyside Accounting
First generation
American Chinese
Doris Yuan & Ken Wan
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What You Get

and why you need it...
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Expert creative

Professional solutions
unlimited requests
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Flexible plans

No contracts or fuss
Cancel anytime
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Unlimited revisions

Scope-creep be gone
Revise until you're happy
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Unique returnables

Functional designs
you'll own and control
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Fixed-monthly rate

Grow at your own pace
No hidden fees
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Warp-speed delivery

1 to 5 days turnaround
depending on your plan

Pretty much all of your branding needs,
scalable at your organization's pace.

Endless design requests and possibilities for your company, organization, or team means being able to start or finish those brand projects that were more overwhelming for you, your admin, or your assistants than you had originally thought.

Below are a handful of ideas for design requests that you could start making on day one of your design subscription.

Icon: Graphic design

Graphic Design
Request Ideas

Amazon Graphics
Background Removal
Basic Book Layouts
Blog Images
Book Covers
Booklet pages
Branded Merch
Business Cards
Business Reports
Company Profiles
Corporate Folders
Custom QR Codes
Display Ads
Door Hangers
Ebook Covers
Ebook Layouts
Ecommerce/Store Graphics
EDM (Email Direct Mail) Mailers
Email Images
Event Invitations
Flyers & Posters
Image Vectorization
Magazine & Newspaper Ads
Music Artwork
NFT Designs
Onboarding Materials
Packaging & Labels
Photo Background Removal
Photo Manipulation
Photo Resizing
Podcast Covers
Point Of Sale Materials
PowerPoint Templates
Presentation Decks
Print Ads
Product Mock-ups
Promotional Materials
Restaurant Menus
Retail Displays
Simple Infographics
Social Media Cover Images
Social Media Posts & Ads
Social Media Templates
Static Video Graphics
Stationery Sets
T-shirt Design
Tradeshow Banners
Tray cards
TV Slides
Vehicle Wraps
Web Ads
Yard Signs
YouTube Thumbnails

and much more!

Icon: Webpage design

Webpage Design
Request Ideas

App UI designs
Blog images
Email signatures
Email templates
Landing pages
Pricing tables
Social media images
Squarespace pages
UX designs
Webflow pages
Webpages (HTML5 + CSS3)
Webpage updates & changes
Wix pages

and much more!

Icon: Webpage development

Webpage Dev
Request Ideas

Basic API Installation & Config
Blog installation
Code embeds
Contact forms
CRM installation
Email signatures installation
Landing page builds
Newsletter sign-up
Photo galleries
PHP Script installation
Polls & surveys
SEO audits
Sign-up forms
Third-party script installation (API)
Video galleries
YouTube embeds

and much more!

Icon: Brand strategy

Brand & Strategy
Request Ideas

Ad ideas
Art direction
Brand audit
Brand colors
Brand culture strategy
Brand font Selection
Brand Guidelines
Brand Naming
Brand Story
Client/Customer personas
Content Ideas
Discovery Sessions
Logo design
Marketing Materials
Product/Service Naming
Tone-of-Voice Strategy

and much more!

Projects are completed using these tools
Adobe PhotoshopAdobe IllustratorAdobe Creative CloudWebflow
You can get your projects published to the platforms you already use
ShopifyIntuit MailchimpSquarespaceWixConstant ContactKajabi
Requests are delivered
in a variety of returnables

Print image files (.pdf, .eps, .ai, .jpg)
Digital image files (.png, .svg, .webp)
Document files (.pptx, .pdf, .docx)
Package files (.zip, .rar)
Web files (.html, .htm, .css, .js, .php, .htaccess)
Platform Publishing ** (HTML/CSS, PHP/MySQL, Webflow, Squarespace, Wix, ConstantContact, MailChimp)
Print Publishing ** (VistaPrint,, Humility Labs, Exclusive 3rd Party Printers)

Need a returnable not listed?
Reach out to your designer to see if it can be added!

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of recent requests...
Packaging Design: Kodo Extracts
Poster Design: Michael Che & Colin Jost
Logo Design: MAKfam
Newsletter Design: Altitude the Dispensary
Logo Design: LePow Extracts
Leaflet Design: Venture X Coworking Spaces
Logo Design: Corazon Counseling
Letterhead Design: Sunnyside Accounting
Logo Design: Helo International
Logo Design: Humility Labs
Website Design: Keystone Mortange Solutions
Packaging Design: Kodo Extracts
Logo Design: Sunnyside Accounting
Business Card Design: Corazon Counseling
Logo Design: Fireweed Cannabis Co.
Poster Design: Ken Jeong & Joel McHale
Business Card Design: Zarlengo Foundation
Website Design: Nova Mente Academy
Packaging Design: Kodo Extracts
Logo Design: High Plains MMA
Logo Design: Kodo Extracts
Logo Design: Unlocking Learning Disabilites Podcast
Packaging Design: Cereal Killaz by LePow Extracts
Newsletter Design: Altitude the Dispensary

Lasso your ideas, ready the iron, and start branding.

So, which branding design subscription
plan is best for your team?

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Plan Options

and available add-ons...

Subscriptions are limited in availability.
Only 5 active subscriptions are available per tier.

Ignition (Starter)

Just Graphic Design
Save $1,200 with a Yearly Plan

The Ignition (Starter) "Just Graphics" plan is a cost-effective solution for small business owners needing comprehensive graphic design services.

At $1195 per month with $1200 annual savings, this plan offers unlimited design requests and revisions, covering digital and print design, social media themes, and email marketing. Extra perks include Google listing maintenance, domain and email management, and unlimited stock photos and AI-generated images. Businesses benefit from a 2 to 5-day turnaround time and the flexibility to pause or cancel anytime, ensuring high-quality designs without long-term commitments or fluctuating costs.

Key Benefits

Unlimited graphic design requests with no long-term commitments or contracts for a flat-rate monthly cost

Various design needs, including digital design, print design, social media themes, email marketing design, and stationery design.

  • Unlimited requests in queue
  • Unlimited revisions
  • Graphic design
    • Digital design
    • Print design
    • Social media theme design
    • Email marketing design
    • Stationary design
    • and more!
  • Google listing maintenance
  • Custom email & domain support
  • Unlimited users
  • Unlimited stock photos
  • Unlimited AI image requests
  • Unlimited image vectorizaton
  • File ownership
  • One brand
  • Average Turnaround: 2 to 5 days

Pause or Cancel Anytime

Lift-off (Standard)

Web & Graphics
Save $1,800 with a Yearly Plan

The LIFT-OFF (Standard) "Web & Graphics" plan is a cost-effective solution for small businesses needing comprehensive design services.

It includes everything in the IGNITION plan and adds web design to the mix. At $1,795 per month with $1,800 annual savings, it includes unlimited design requests and revisions, covering webpage design, hosting, custom domains, graphic design, social media, and email templates. Enjoy a quick 2 to 3-day turnaround, unlimited users, file ownership, and the flexibility to pause or cancel anytime, ensuring high-quality designs without long-term commitments.

Key Benefits

More cost-effective and time-saving than hiring separate freelancers

Provide content and get ready-to-send email templates and custom/brand-specific social media templates

Includes custom domain name(s), website hosting, SSL certificates, functional contact forms, and more

  • One request at a time
  • Unlimited requests in queue
  • Unlimited revisions
  • Graphic design
  • Webpage design
    • Reliable webpage hosting
    • SSL Certificate
    • Custom domain (Up to 3)
    • Unlimited subdomains
    • Landing pages
    • UX/UI design
    • Contact forms
    • Social media templates
    • Email templates
    • Email signatures
    • and more!
  • Google listing maintenance
  • Domain NS + Email MX maintenance
  • Social media profile branding
  • Unlimited users
  • Unlimited stock photos
  • Unlimited AI image requests
  • Unlimited image vectorizaton
  • File ownership
  • Up to three brands
  • Average Turnaround: 2 to 3 days

Pause or Cancel Anytime

Orbit (Pro)

Save $3,500 with a Yearly Plan

Discover the ORBIT (Pro) "Branding Complete" plan, designed to elevate small businesses with extensive branding and design services. It includes everything in the IGNITION and LIFT-OFF plans with added identity design, brand & strategy, and web development.

It includes everything in the IGNITION and LIFT-OFF plans as far as graphic and web design while introducing identity design, web development, and brand strategy. At $3,445 per month with $3,500 annual savings, this our most valuable plan. Plus, enjoy the flexibility to pause or cancel anytime, support for up to ten brands, quick 1 to 3-day turnaround, unlimited users, and ownership of all design files.

Key Benefits

A full-service branding package that includes graphic and web design paired with strategy, messaging, ideation, and more.

Includes logo design, Discovery sessions, Powerpoint presentations, and more

Includes brand story-writing, naming and tagline ideation, brand culture strategy, and more

Includes website scripts (advanced functionality), customized and branded Customer Relationship Managers (CRMs) and more

Service one subscribing brand with up to NINE sub-brands

Unlike any other design subscription available

  • One request at a time
  • Unlimited requests in queue
  • Unlimited revisions
  • Graphic design
  • Webpage design
  • Identity design
    • Logo design
    • Stylescape design
    • Initial Discovery Session
    • Powerpoint design
    • Brand Guide design
    • On-boarding material design
    • and more!
  • Brand & Strategy
    • Brand audit
    • Brand story-writing
    • Naming & Tagline ideation
    • Advertisement ideation
    • Content ideation &strategy
    • Tone-of-voice strategy
    • Brand culture strategy
    • and more!
  • Webpage development
    • Webhooks/App (API) Integration
    • Forms
    • Image & Video galleries
    • Video backgrounds
    • PHP script installation
    • CRM installation
    • Website maintenance
    • Website updates
    • SEO audits
    • and more!
  • Google listing maintenance
  • Domain NS + Email MX maintenance
  • Social media profile branding
  • Social media profile branding
  • Unlimited users
  • Unlimited stock photos
  • Unlimited AI image requests
  • Unlimited image vectorizaton
  • File ownership
  • Up to ten brands
  • Average Turnaround: 1 to 3 days

Pause or Cancel Anytime

And just in case it's not included in your plan...

Icon: Planet and moons

Single Add-on's

Lightspeed (24-Hour rush projects)
Content ideation
Namestorming & Tagline ideation
Discovery & Stylescape session
Brand research
Logo or Brand audits
Brand Story writing
Photography (Provided by Airick Media)
Videography (Provided by Airick Media)
Event livestreaming (Provided by Airick Media)
Podcast recording (Provided by Airick Media)
SEO audit
Audience audit / Client personas

and more to come!

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Asked QUestions

Why not hire a full-time designer or freelancer?

It depends on your business but mostly the cost. A full-time designer can have an annual cost upwards of $100,000, not including benefits. Plus, the time it takes to post a job listing, host interviews, and hope you’ve hired the right person for your company culture.

Not to mention, what if you don’t have enough design to keep a designer employed? Imagine the ability to hire a designer for your busiest season and hold off during the slower ones.

As for a freelancer, they’re probably your best bet if you only have one or two projects needed, but if you’re running a company, you’ll quickly learn just how much design is required to uphold the professional standards of your competition. While a freelancer would inevitably (and rightfully so) continue to inflate the scope, as would the final cost. With a subscription, one cost gets you everything you need for that month.

What’s the limit of requests I can make at a time?

As a subscribing brand, you and your team will be able to add as many requests to your design queue as you can think of, and projects will be lined up and completed one-by-one.

How quickly will I receive my designs?

Each plan includes a slightly different turnaround time but most typical designs are returned within 2 to 3 business days. Some requests, like AI images, image vectorization, and background removal for instance are typically returned within 1 business day. Larger projects like webpage design and development can take 3 to 5 days, and Brand Strategy sessions are held as a virtual or in-person (Colorado locals only) on a specified day, determined between you and the designer upon that request.

How are requests delivered?

Requests are delivered in a variety of formats. Most files are delivered via Dropbox or a typical email attachment. Other files can be published to a specific platform or sent directly to print (print costs apply).

File-type and platform publishing examples include:

Print image files (.pdf, .eps, .ai, .jpg)
Digital image files (.png, .svg, .webp)
Document files (.pptx, .pdf, .docx)
Package files (.zip, .rar)Web files (.html, .htm, .css, .js, .php, .htaccess)
Platform Publishing ** (Web hosting, HTML/CSS, PHP/MySQL, Webflow, Shopify, Squarespace, Wix, MailChimp, ConstantContact, Kajabi)
Print Publishing ** (VistaPrint,, Humility Labs, Exclusive 3rd Party Printers)
** — Additional third-party costs may apply
Need a returnable not listed? Reach out to your designer to see if it can be added!

Who will I be working with?

If you’re a familiar with BisonSatellite, you may already know that the Lead Designer is Justin Romero, founder of the company. Multimedia production (photos, video, podcast) is handled in partnership with Erick Arredondo of Airick Media.

Do I lose my remaining time if I cancel early?

It’s normal to have a large design load dwindle after completing an array of tasks. So, what if you sign up for a month and only need two weeks? Your subscription will essentially pause if you cancel early.

Using a billing cycle of 30 days, if you sign up and use the service for 15 days and cancel, you will still have 15 remaining days of design work left that you can activate within 365 days of the pause or cancellation.

Why are subscriptions limited in availability?

The service provided by BisonSatellite is convenient but high-level in nature, and since we’re run by a single person team at this time, subscriptions are limited to five active subscriptions per tier so that all clients get their designs returned in the promised time and at the highest quality.

What software is used for my designs?

Design requests are processed mostly using Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, and Webflow. Your returnables, however, are available in a variety of options.

How do I make requests?

BisonSatellite makes it easy to make requests using our client portal called RISE. When you sign up, you’ll gain login access to your portal and will be able to begin making requests immediately.

Requests are handled first through a TICKET system, and from there you’ll be able to watch the requests go from TICKET to your DESIGN QUEUE.

The oldest requests will be moved to the ON DECK queue and active designs will be visible via the IN PROGRESS queue.

As soon as your design is ready for review, you’ll see it in the AWAITING FEEDBACK queue as well as receive an in-portal chat message and an email notification.

If you request any changes, the design will go back to IN PROGRESS and upon approval will move to DONE.

As soon as one request is finished, the next ON DECK request will move to IN PROGRESS and your next design will begin.

Is there any design work not included?

As of now, yes. In the future, we may be able to expand the team of designers with more skills but as now, BisonSatellite will not cover requests made for: 3Dmodeling, 3D rendering, illustration (although AI requests are available), animated graphics (GIFs, etc), motion graphics, existing document design (although document template design is available), complex packaging, and complex print design(full publications, booklets/books of more than a few pages at a time, etc).

What happens to my hosting if I cancel or pause my subscription?

If you cancel or pause a subscription that includes web hosting services, the hosting services will switch to a monthly fee of $30 a month. This fee will be sent via a recurring invoice (via Quickbooks) and will be sent to you within a few days of your monthly renewal date each month. If you do not pay the monthly hosting fee, your website will be suspended for 30 days before being removed from the servers.

Hosting services include: webpage hosting, SSL cetificates, and domain services.

What if I only have one request?

No problem. Use the service for the request(s) you have and pause/cancel. Then,return when your design needs come back up and we’ll reactivate your remaining subscription through the client portal.

Can I get a refund if I don’t like the service?

We do not offer any refunds due to the high-quality nature of the work. Our commitment to your service, however, is priority #1 and we’ll dedicate our efforts to producing the highest level of returnables we can manage. And, just in case we miss the mark, unlimited revisions are included with every plan.

What if I need my design faster than my plan tier’s turnaround?

No worries! You’ll be able to add-on Lightspeed rush service up to 3 times a month for an additional add-on cost.

How do I manage my subscription?

For the sake of security, usability and experience,subscriptions are managed via the Stripe platform. You may be familiar with this already if you’ve ever ordered anything online that used the ShopPay feature or remembered your information from last time.

A link to manage your account on Stripe will be accessible via your Client Portal login.

What’s the difference between a subscription and a retainer?

That’s a great question! Mostly, the absence of long-term commitment or contracts. As a retainer client for a design agency, you’ll have access to many of the same principles as the subscription service but are typically bound by a contract that limits your requests and yields much longer turnaround times.

For larger organizations, this is sometimes ideal, but for smaller teams, a subscription service is much more convenient and valuable.

How do Brand Strategy sessions work?

If your plan comes with Brand & Strategy, or if you pay for a Brand & Strategy add-on, within one business day you’ll receive a Client Portal chat along with an email requesting you to choose an appointment time. If you’re in the Denver Metro Area, you’ll be able to choose an in-person appointment whereas everyone else will only have the virtual meeting option available.

Most Brand & Strategy sessions are finished within a few hours and add-ons will be limited to three hours total. Returnables vary by request and will be discussed when that request is ON DECK or IN PROGRESS.

Can I work with BisonSatellite the way I did before the subscription plans?

Short answer: probably not, but it doesn’t hurt to try.

If you still have our email, feel free to reach out for any single projects charged by the hour, but no guarantees of availability will be made. Subscribing brands will always take priority over any single projects.